Pottstown School District


Pottstown School District Information



  • Website: www.pottstownschools.com
  • District Offices Phone: (610) 323-8200
  • Transportation Offices Phone: (610) 970-6627
  • Wyndcroft is Located in Pottstown School District





Wyndcroft and Pottstown


The borough of Pottstown has been home to The Wyndcroft School since its founding in 1918. Busing is provided to and from Wyndcroft for residents of the Pottstown School District. Since Pottstown is Wyndcroft's hometown, we have many connections to the area. Here's a closer look at two of our favorites:


  • Wyndcroft's Kindergarten takes an annual field trip to Art Fusion 19464 in downtown Pottstown. There, as a part of their exploration of different animal species, they create amazing art projects incorporating the animal that they studied.
  • Each year, The Wyndcroft School holds an all-school Non Sibi (community service) event called Holiday Cheer. Students and staff run a food, clothing and gift drive for the Pottstown Cluster of Religious Communities which runs the local food pantry and community meal programs.


Pottstown Fun Fact

William Penn deeded the land, which is now Pottstown and the surrounding area, to his son John in 1701. John Potts, the oldest son of Thomas Potts, purchased nine hundred ninety-five acres in the area and in 1752 Pottstown was founded. When the town was first laid out, it stretched from York Street to Charlotte Street and from the Schuylkill River to Beech Street. Before 1800, the village was called Pottsgrove, however, as the population increased, this slowly evolved into Pottstown.