2021 Fall Sports Recognition

On Monday, November 29, 2021, The Wyndcroft School recognized the athletes from the Fall 2021 inter-scholastic sports teams. All team members received a Certificate of Participation. Individual award winners were as follows:

Cross Country Award Winners 2021

Cross Country

  • Rookie of the Year - Opal S.
  • Most Improved Player - Chloe L.
  • Most Valuable Player - Abigail G.
Boys Soccer Award Winners 2021

Boys Soccer

  • Rookie of the Year - Isaac S.
  • Most Improved Player - Kaito I.
  • Most Valuable Player - Brody F. (not pictured)
Girls Soccer Award Winners 2021

Girls Soccer

  • Rookie of the Year - Campbell N.
  • Most Improved Player - Alex V.
  • Most Valuable Player - Shannon G.