8th Grade Shadow Day with Dr. Pernambuco-Wise

On Monday, September 27, 2021, Dr. Tekakwitha M. Pernambuco-Wise, Wyndcroft's Head of School, spent the day shadowing the 8th Grade class. This experience was meant to give her a better sense of what it means to be an Upper School student. In her own words, here is a peek into the day:

8:10AM - Homeroom with Mr. Ballantine

I arrived at Mr Ballantine’s advisory unprepared and Hannah was kind enough to give me her extra copy of the schedule. I immediately felt welcomed into the 8th grade.

8:16-8:56AM - Math with Mrs. Iacobucci

TMP Shadow Day - Math

Crossing my fingers that Mrs Iacabucci does not call on me in math class. I am reminded that they use pencils only and do not use calculators in the class. Pleased to hear that Mrs Iacabucci likes tea as much as I do.

8:58-9:38AM - French with Mr. Risell

My high school French lessons came back to me easily in Professeur Risell’s class.

9:40-10:32AM - Science and Snack Time with Mr. Stowell

TMP Shadow Day - Science

I was almost late to Mr Stowell’s class and dashed by Mrs Dunn in the hallway and Mrs Borgeson giving a tour, trying not to run. I designed a flower that was pollinated by the wind in science class. The dandelion (taraxacum) is one such flower. 

10:34-11:14AM - Language Arts with Ms. Murazzi

I was delighted to write an e-mail from a dog to its owner about why the kitchen was such a mess using vocabulary words the class was studying. Was eager to be called upon by Ms Murazzi, as she walked around the class calling on each pupil. Here’s my story:

Dear Bob,

I avow that as I walked gingerly into the kitchen, I saw Felix jump from the window and land directly in the chocolate sauce that was cooling on the stovetop. He then lifted a chocolate-covered paw and threw some of the sauce toward me. I veered to the right and as I stepped away, saw the sauce splatter all over the wall, dripping down its side. As Felix stood on the stovetop with a glint in his eyes, I slinked away, taking a quick lick of the delicious sauce, as I gingerly departed.

Your loyal companion,


11:16-11:56AM - Art with Ms. Nisula

TMP Shadow Day - Art

Had I had a teacher like Ms Nisula as I was growing up, I might be able to draw more than a stick figure today. I was blown away by the depth and beauty of each pupil’s drawings.

11:58AM-12:38PM - Social Studies with Mr. Edleman

For the first time, I got an understanding of the deep meaning of political cartoons as we analysed them in Mr Edleman’s class using the POPES (people, objects & symbols, parallels, emotions and So what?) method.

Lunch Time!

Lunch was my favourite part of the day. The girls enjoyed pizza and ice-cream. The doughnuts that Macy brought to celebrate her birthday were an extra-special treat. I was amused that the pupils re-enacted their 4th grade poses for Mrs Arkans’ group photo shoot.

8th Grade Jumping for Joy

1:20-2:00PM - Latin with Mr. Turock

I do not understand much Latin; however, Mr Turock made it easier by comparing some words to English ones I already knew.

2:00-3:25PM - School Gathering with Grades 1-8 followed by Fitness Class with Mr. Ballantine

After a Monday Gathering wherein I answered a question about my favourite food being something I can only get back in my home country – farine (made from cassava) and tasso (similar to beef jerky), I spent some time with Mr Ballantine’s alternative sports class and was energised to see the pupils exercising vigorously. 

3:45PM - Girls' Soccer Game at The Hill School Far Fields

I ended the day with Mr Dorris, Mrs Holladay and Nurse Bressi, cheering on the girls’ football (soccer) team on The Hill field and chatting with our affable parents.

Everyone was welcoming and friendly, so I had a great shadow day as an 8th grader.