📚 Book Fair Bonanza

The Wyndcroft School held the Scholastic Book Fair on November 3 and 4 this year. 

We grossed over $7,800.00 this year. That is a considerable increase from last year's Book Fair!

  • 112 books were donated to individual classrooms, totaling over $900.00.
  • 37 books were donated to the library, totaling over $380.00. 

A special thank you to the WPTO< the many parents, the Facilities staff, and the teachers who made the Fair both possible and a success. 

Thank you all for supporting the Wyndcroft Library! 

Eighth grade helping first grade shop. 

Parents visiting also helped our students to shop.

 Patrick, EC, checking out the erasers and gemstones at the Fair.

Perusing the titles.