In celebration of French Week here at Wyndcroft, Mme. Amlin and M. Risell have created engaging and immersive activities for our student body to partake in. 

  • Monday - Lower School French Fete performances
  • School-Wide French Treat - Madeleines
  • Daily French Trivia - Each day focuses on a different French-speaking country (Morocco, Canada, France, etc). Students win Eiffel Tower keychains.
  • Eiffel Tower Scavenger Hunt - 1st graders drew Eiffel Towers and are posted all around the school. Students who find them all are entered to win a Dunkin Donuts gift card.
  • Name that Francophone Country - 2nd graders each researched a different French-speaking country and their projects are in the auditorium. They left out the name of their country on their projects - the student who can guess the most correctly will win a Kiwi Yogurt gift card.
  • Thursday: Upper School French Fete open house

Sixth grade presented descriptions of their favorite characters in books, films, and comics. 

Kindergarten sings a song about fruit in French.

 Eighth grade performing dialogues written by them in French.

Performing a French lullaby with their stuffies.

Seventh grade's gallery walk. Students recreated famous French paintings and described them to people participating in the gallery walk. 

Saying hello to some familiar faces in the audience.

Fifth grade posed as wax figures in Madame Tussaud's Wax Museum, speaking about a historic figure's history in French to all museum-goers.