Get Set for the New School Year: Four Tips for the Transition

The first day of school will be here before you know it! While the return to school will be exciting for some students (and maybe a welcome change for parents), others may be feeling anxious. No matter how your child feels about the first day of school, here are a few tips from the faculty at Wyndcroft to help ease the transition.

Set Your School Routine Early
Setting expectations makes for a smooth start to the year.

Your children are probably on a different sleep schedule during the summer. A week or two before school, start preparing children for the upcoming transition by getting back to the school year sleep routine. You could even practice selecting tomorrow's clothes and laying them out for the next day to help reinforce that habit as well.

Your morning routine is just as important as your night routine. Take time to make sure that you have built in enough time for sleeping and to get ready for school in the morning - including a healthy breakfast.

So Many Choices
Make school supply shopping fun and let your child take the lead!

One of the best parts about starting a new school year is the anticipation leading up to the first day, going shopping for new school clothes, picking out a new backpack or lunch box, and all those fresh school supplies. Whether you are shopping online or in-person, let your child take the lead a bit, where they can. A new lunch box, some fun folders, or new uniform pieces can get them feeling confident and looking forward to going back to the classroom.

Attend Orientation Day
Get a sneak peek of what the school year will bring.

Check your school calendar for orientation activities that will give your child a preview of their new classroom environment. If your child is able to get to see their new classroom in advance, this can make them more comfortable when they return on the first day and beyond.  This is especially important with a child who has any back to school anxiety or if he is attending a new school.  Familiarity breeds confidence!

While you are there, be sure to find the cafeteria, gym, theater, and library. Don't forget about bathrooms! It's also a good time to size up cubbies or try out lockers

If there isn’t an official orientation day, take a trip to school anyway. You might not be able to get past the front desk, but you will have a chance to meet the key players in the front office who will be supporting your family throughout the year.

As a last resort, see if your school offers a virtual tour online. Anything you can do to show your child what to expect at school will pay dividends in the end.

Make a First Day Plan
Have some fun with this special day.

The first day of school is a chance to have some “once a year” fun with your child. Take some time to plan out the day and give it some extra special attention. You can pick out a new outfit or a special hairstyle, serve a favorite breakfast, and take pictures to commemorate the day.

And the celebration doesn’t have to be confined to just before school. The after school hours can be just as much fun! Head out for a special dinner or treat and be sure to ask a lot of questions. If you show enthusiasm for school, your children will be excited too!