Girls Soccer, Fall 2021 Season Recap

At the November 29 Fall Sports Award Recognition event, two members of the inaugural Girls' Soccer Team gave a seasonal recap. Here's what they had to say about being the first girls' soccer team at Wyndcroft.

The following was read by Mckenzie N. and Ellie J., Class of 2023:

This year, Wyndcroft established the first ever girl’s soccer team. This was something that was very exciting for me and many other girls. We started off the year with 11 players, just enough to make a team, and had a great start to the season with a 4-0 win against Renaissance. We had some wins and losses along the way and ended the season with only 8 uninjured players remaining. Although some people might define a successful season as an undefeated one, we believe we had a successful season because we played hard, learned a lot, and had the great opportunity to be the first girls in the history of our school to wear Wyndcroft soccer jerseys. These eleven girls laid the foundation for hopefully hundreds of years of Wyndcroft girls’ soccer in the future. We competed against the Montgomery School, Renaissance Academy, and Villa Maria Academy. 

We improvised and finished out the season by playing 7 vs 7s on a smaller field, scrimmaging, and practicing with the boy’s team. We all agreed that even though we didn’t have the most ideal situation, that we wanted to finish out the season strong. We had a number of girls this year who were trying soccer for their very first time. They made a great improvement from beginning to end and worked hard during games as well as practices. We are hoping to have some additional fifth graders to add to our team next year and are looking forward to having another great season.

We would like to thank our coaches Mr. D and Mrs. Holladay who our season could not have happened without. They found a way around the obstacles that faced our team this season and came up with ways for us to keep playing even after losing many of our players. 

Thank you to the parents for cheering us on from the sidelines and supporting us throughout the season. Also, thank you for bringing us snacks after the games.

Lastly we would like to thank the girl’s soccer team as a whole for keeping a good attitude and working hard throughout the season. This meant a lot to us and we thank you for it.

Girls Soccer 2021