🏹 Latin Day 2023

Salvete Omnes! Latin Day at the Wyndcroft School was a day filled with excitement and learning for all those who participated. On Thursday, May 4, students from the Lower School and special guests were invited to experience the rich culture and history of ancient Rome.

The day's events were held in different rooms of a Roman house, where students and guests were tasked with uncovering a mystery based on skits delivered by the school's Latin students. Each room was decorated to reflect a different aspect of Roman life, from the Atrium, Triclinium and Peristylum, to the Tablinum, Culina and Baths! 

The Latin skits were performed by students from the Upper School, who brought the mystery they drafted to life!

In addition to the skits, Upper Schoolers also showcased their projects, which focused on different aspects of Roman life. Some projects featured the gods and goddesses of ancient Rome, while others explored the architecture and engineering feats of the Roman Empire. Still, others highlighted the professions of the time, such as medicine, law, and military service.

For the Lower School students, the day was a chance to experience history in a fun and interactive way. They were able to explore the Roman house, learn about ancient Rome, and uncover a mystery. Through these activities, they gained a deeper understanding of the customs, traditions, and daily life of ancient Rome.

The Latin Day at the Wyndcroft School was a testament to the school's commitment to providing a well-rounded education that engages students' minds and imaginations. By immersing themselves in the culture and language of ancient Rome, students were able to connect with history in a way that textbooks and lectures cannot match.

Overall, Latin Day was a resounding success, and the School hopes to continue this tradition in the years to come. As the students bid farewell to their Roman counterparts, they left with a newfound appreciation for the rich and enduring legacy of ancient Rome. Valete!

Roman professions presentation.

Performing skits! 

Collaboration between visitors in the Atrium.

Showcasing her Latin project!

Educating our Lower Schoolers and special friends of Roman culture. 

Gallery walk and socialization in the Triclinium and Peristylum. 

Skits were performed twice: once in English and once in Latin.

 Following their skit, students stood by their projects during a gallery walk.

Introducing the characters in the skit to our Lower School students and special friends.

Performing their skits! 

Onstage in the Triclinium and Peristylum! 

 Prepared to speak about his project on Roman professions.

Presenting Latin projects to special friends in the Culina and Baths. 

The Lower Schoolers were on their way to the Tablinum to uncover more of the mystery! 

Performing in the Atrium. 

Always a wonderful time! 

 Featuring one of their Latin projects.

Showcasing projects.

Showcasing their projects.

 Performing their skits onstage at the Triclinium and Peristylum!

Gallery walk and project showcase. 

Our wonderful Latin teacher, Elizabeth Linn!