Latin Day: A Journey Through Ancient Rome

Wyndcroft celebrated its beloved tradition of Latin Day on Friday, May 3. This immersive event allowed Upper School students to guide audiences through the highlights of their Latin studies over the course of the school year.

Each grade embarked on a guided tour led by non-Latin student tour guide in togas. Equipped with passports, students explored various themed rooms, each meticulously designed to replicate different aspects of Roman life.

The Cafeteria was transformed into the bustling Forum Romanum, where students took on the roles of shopkeepers, selling an array of authentic Roman wares. Adding a touch of creativity, a station was dedicated to crafting a Non Sibi bean mosaic, symbolizing the school's ethos of selflessness.

Fifth graders showcased their creativity by recreating the majestic Pantheon in the Learning Commons. Each student crafted an alcove dedicated to a chosen deity, explaining five symbols representing their divine selection.

In the Overlook, seventh graders brought to life the Via Lata and its eerie graveyard, offering insights into Roman burial customs and beliefs. Lower Schoolers delved into the significance of roadside tombs, reflecting on the ancient tradition of honoring the departed.

The Multi-Purpose Room hosted "Isis et Serapis," where students were treated to a thrilling gladiator skit and learned about iconic Roman landmarks such as the Colosseum, Trajan Baths, and the temple to Isis.

Upper Schoolers even involved the Kindergarten, EC, and Pre-K students! Kindergarten learned how to make laurel leaf crowns and EC and Pre-K students learned how to make mosaics.

The grand finale took place in the Gymnasium, where students engaged in the exhilarating recreation of the Circus Maximus. From chariot races to boxing matches, and even an animal hunt using frisbees as Roman discus, participants embraced the competitive spirit of ancient Roman entertainment.

Latin Day at Wyndcroft not only celebrates the rich legacy of the ancient world but also fosters a deep appreciation for classical studies among students of all ages. Through immersive experiences and hands-on activities, the event brings history to life, inspiring a lifelong love for learning.