Portrait of a Donor: Danny DiStefano

DiStefano Enterprises supports scholarships at Wyndcroft!

Earn a 90% tax credit against your Pennsylvania individual and business taxes when you support Wyndcroft through the EITC (Pennsylvania Educational Improvement Tax Credit) program.

The EITC supports low-and moderate-income scholarships for bright, motivated children who do Wyndcroft-level work and who thrive here. If you pay at least $3500 a year in Pennsylvania individual and business taxes you can send 90 % of your tax dollars to Wyndcroft instead of Harrisburg using the Pennsylvania Educational Improvement Tax Credit!

Recent EITC gifts have enabled Wyndcroft to award scholarships of $4000 to $15,000 to 22 deserving students, and to avoid a tuition increase for the first time in years.

Director of Development Robert Evans ’65 recently interviewed Danny DiStefano of DiStefano Enterprises, LLC, one of Wyndcroft’s EITC pioneers, about his support for our EITC program.

DiStefano EITC GIft

Danny DiStefano

Home Exeter, PA
Family Wife Tylee and six children 9 to 23, including Dani, who’s a third grader at Wyndcroft.
Education B.A., Villanova University
Occupation Restaurant ownership and management, real estate, marketing
Special Interests His family, friends and businesses
Hobbies Philanthropy:  Founder, DiStefano Alliance with his twin sons, which works with inner city kids on reading, 2nd Street Learning Center, Opportunity House

Danny and Tylee discovered Wyndcroft when they were looking for a school for their daughter Dani. They are delighted that Dani is thriving at Wyndcroft, and that their EITC gifts will provide scholarships to other deserving students who can do Wyndcroft-level work and who can thrive at the school.

On Dani’s Wyndcroft experience

Dani has grown personally in several ways.  She has been challenged and has blossomed academically, and each year we become equally impressed with her teachers and how they continue to raise the bar to accommodate her personal overall and academic growth. The entire staff has been amazing and has treated Dani as family.

Socially she has had the freedom to be herself and to confidently and freely express her feelings, and she has met several wonderful friends. 

Why we support Wyndcroft:

We support Wyndcroft because we believe in the mission and the culture and we see firsthand through our daughter’s growth the benefits of a child being fortunate enough to be exposed to this environment.  We support Wyndcroft in hopes of both enhancing the resources available to our existing students as well as providing opportunity through the EITC program to those less fortunate.

Only at Wyndcroft:

Special thanks to Director of Development Robert Evans ’65 for all of your help, support, and guidance throughout our learning to understand and navigate the EITC process. I urge all parents, grandparents, and others who wish to direct their PA tax dollars to the EITC program to reach out to Robert at revans@wyndcroft.org or 610 326 0544 ext. 114 and have a casual informational conversation. I will be happy to discuss my own experience with EITC with anyone who’s interested. I can be reached at dannydistefano@aol.com.

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