Summer Safety: Tips from our School Nurse

Wyndcroft's School Nurse, Mrs. Bressi, offers a few tips to staying safe this summer!

Wear a helmet on every bike ride, every time.  Helmets are the best way to avoid head injuries that can easily occur when riding a bike.  Make sure your helmet fits you well and wear it the right way.  Helmets should fit down over the forehead and should not be tipped back.  Helmets should be worn when roller skating or blading, using skateboards, and when we ride our scooters too!!

Use sunscreen!  At least SPF 15 – apply 30 minutes before going outside.  Don’t forget to reapply often, every 1-2 hours, especially when wet or sweaty.  Apply sunscreen generously and don’t forget about the ears, feet, shoulders, and behind the neck.  Apply lip balm with SPF too.  Wear hats and sun protective clothing to protect skin and seek shade when the sun becomes too much!

Wear eye protection when helping with yardwork or mowing.  Simple sunglasses can help protect your eyes from projectiles or debris that may be tossed up through yardwork.

Wear life jackets on boats – even for really strong swimmers.  Having life jackets on board is not enough!  Accidents happen too fast to put on a stowed life jacket.  Even a strong swimmer needs to wear a life jacket.  During an emergency, clothing can become heavy or waterlogged in the water.  Old fashioned, bulky orange life jackets are a thing of the past.  There are life jackets for every type of water activity, even for pets.  Boating can be a fun, safe, and enjoyable activity when we follow the “Wear It” message.

Hike, Bike, Swim, Explore – ALWAYS with a friend, NEVER alone!!  Summer time brings more freedom and independence as our children spread their wings and go on adventures.  Reminders to always have supervision or a partner allows children to explore in safety.  The invention of the cell phone, often gives a false sense of security.  If they are too injured to use it, or lose it, what good is it???  It is always best to have a partner or adult supervise those fun summer activities.

Beat the Heat!  Bring and drink water, wear hats, seek shade, and check for ticks in the woods.  One of the most important factors to staying cool in the summer heat, is staying hydrated!!  Whether it is on vacation or when sending the kids off to camp for the day, adequate water should be a primary focus.  Remember to pack and wear light weight and light colored clothing.  Use umbrellas or seek shade near trees or buildings to take a break from the sun.  And lastly, do a head to toe tick check after spending time outdoors or in the woods.  Make sure to check between joints (behind the knees, elbows, armpits), behind your ears and anywhere covered in hair(behind the neck) as ticks love warm, dark places.