🌀 We're Blown Away by Our Community's Generosity!

We are thrilled to announce the remarkable success of its first-ever day of giving, WhirlWynd, held on Thursday, April 4, 2024.

The Wyndcroft community came together in an unprecedented show of support, demonstrating their unwavering commitment to the School's mission. Nearly 290 donors participated, shattering the initial goal of 100 donors within the 24-hour timeframe. Additionally, an extraordinary achievement was witnessed as ten out of eleven classes achieved 100% parent participation.

The highlight of the event was the overwhelming generosity of the Guerrero Family (Oscar and Teri P '18 and Ashley '18), whose remarkable gift of $32,180 propelled the fundraising efforts past the $150,000 mark for WhirlWynd. 

We are profoundly grateful for the incredible support shown by our parents, alumni, faculty, staff, and friends of Wyndcroft. The overwhelming response to WhirlWynd underscores the deep-rooted commitment to our school's mission and values. The outpouring of support also led to a historic milestone, with Wyndcroft achieving its highest parent participation rate in recent history. 

To celebrate this momentous achievement, the Ruby Family generously sponsored a WyndBlown day the following day. Students enjoyed a special pizza lunch donated by the Citrino family and a school-wide movie day with snacks in the afternoon, creating lasting memories and reinforcing the spirit of community.