👔 Wyndcroft Alum Mindy Scheier Inspires Students with Her Passion for Fashion

On Wednesday, February 7, The Wyndcroft School welcomed back alumna Mindy Scheier, Class of 1985, for a captivating presentation about her journey in fashion and the impactful organization she founded, Runway of Dreams following her time spent at Wyndcroft.

Scheier, a successful fashion designer who spent 20 years working for renowned brands like INC and Saks Fifth Avenue, captivated the students with her passion for the industry and the pivotal role her Wyndcroft experience played in shaping her career.

Her inspiration struck close to home when her son, Oliver, who has Muscular Dystrophy, longed to wear jeans like other children. Driven by love and ingenuity, Scheier used her design expertise to adapt a pair to meet Oliver's needs, boosting his confidence and sparking a powerful idea.

Scheier embarked on extensive research, determined to develop clothing modifications that catered to the vast yet often overlooked population – individuals with disabilities. In 2014, her dedication materialized as Runway of Dreams, a non-profit organization empowering people with disabilities to express themselves and build confidence through inclusive fashion and beauty.

Through Scheier's engaging presentation, students gained valuable insights into the world of fashion design, the importance of empathy and innovation, and the power of using talents to make a positive impact. Runway of Dreams' mission resonated deeply, inspiring students to consider the potential of their strengths and passions to advocate for inclusivity and create positive change.

Runway of Dreams' impact extends far beyond adaptive clothing. The organization hosts inclusive fashion shows, workshops, and educational programs, fostering a sense of community and belonging for individuals with disabilities.

Mindy Scheier's visit to Wyndcroft served as an inspiring reminder that even seemingly small acts of kindness and innovation can have a ripple effect, changing lives and creating a more inclusive world for all. Mindy continues to live with the spirit of Non Sibi in her heart.

To learn more about Runway of Dreams and their mission, please visit: https://www.runwayofdreams.org/