Meet the Lifer: Avery C. `21
At Wyndcroft, a "Lifer" is defined as a student who joins the school as a 3-year-old in Early Childhood and stays at the school for 11 years until graduation in 8th Grade.

Meet Avery, Wyndcroft Lifer, Class of 2021

What is your earliest memory of Wyndcroft?

Playing with my friends, learning the alphabet, naps on the mats, Pre-K Halloween when we sang "Hey Soul Sister" and danced. I remember sitting on Mrs. Hassinger's lap in the morning at EC because I hated being away from my mom. I remember the Pre-K Thanksgiving chapel. I was a turkey.

Describe one of your favorite Wyndcroft Upper School teachers and why they are your favorite.

One of my favorite teachers is Mr. Edleman. A lot of my friends aren't Social Studies fans, but it personally fascinates me. I love learning about General Grant and Lincoln's assassination and the Industrial Revolution. He is very sweet and funny, and always cares about each student and their needs or what they struggle with. Over quarantine, I always felt happy to join his meet, maybe just to talk to him or to ask a quick question.

Describe one of your favorite Wyndcroft Special Area teachers and why they are your favorite.

Mrs. Robinson was my sixth grade advisor. I remember that because she was new that year and everyone in my advisory was so curious to see if she would be mean and strict or kind and fun. Turns out, she's astronomically sweet and very fun! We had the best advisory year ever, laughing while playing bean bag basketball or sitting and meditating in a circle. She is also a beautiful singer and a great chorus teacher.

Mrs. Stone is my other favorite. She is so sweet and very clever when it comes to tech. My days in tech were a blast!! She was always willing to help but also made us be independent students sometimes.

What will you miss the most about Wyndcroft?

My friends and my teachers. I laugh at school every single day. I have become best friends with so many people. I will never forget anyone I met at Wyndcroft. My teachers are so kind and helpful; they prepared me to succeed at everything I do.

How do you feel being a Lifer at Wyndcroft has prepared you for success?

I feel like the more I've been at Wyndcroft, the more sage I've become. I've learned what is right- helping a friend, studying and working hard- and what is wrong- being mean, unkind, unfair, or not using my talents to the best of my ability. I went from being a little 3-year-old to a wise, prepared 13-year-old so quickly. I can't imagine my life not going to Wyndcroft.