Meet the Lifer: Nash B. `21
At Wyndcroft, a "Lifer" is defined as a student who joins the school as a 3-year-old in Early Childhood and stays at the school for 11 years until graduation in 8th Grade.

Meet Nash, Wyndcroft Lifer, Class of 2021

What is your earliest memory of Wyndcroft?

I remember going into the early childhood room which is now the upper school science room and doing lots of coloring activities throughout the first few days.

Describe one of your favorite Wyndcroft Lower School teachers.

One of my favorite Lower School teacher is Mrs. Griffaton. She has a great sense of humor and would always listen to everyone's stories. She also is a big fan of the Eagles and is great at explaining things.

Describe one of your favorite Wyndcroft Special Area Subject teachers.

One of my favorite Wyndcroft Special Areas teachers is Ms. Nisula. She is amazing at pushing you to do your best and gives great advice on your art and what you could change to make it more interesting or better. She also has very creative assignments that combine many aspects of art.

What will you miss the most about Wyndcroft?

I think I will miss the sense of community and the bonds that you create after knowing teachers for so many years.

How do you feel being a Lifer at Wyndcroft has prepared you for success?

I think it has prepared me well because I have gotten so much experience over the past few years especially on how to manage time and work.