Meet the Lifer: Zoe K. `21
At Wyndcroft, a "Lifer" is defined as a student who joins the school as a 3-year-old in Early Childhood and stays at the school for 11 years until graduation in 8th Grade.

Meet Zoe, Wyndcroft Lifer, Class of 2021

What is your earliest memory of Wyndcroft?

I remember playing with shaving cream in Early Childhood, because it was hot out and we missed the snow.

What is your favorite Wyndcroft tradition and why?

Field Day is one of my favorite Wyndcroft traditions. The rivalry between blue and gold and the events we compete in are always enjoyable.

Describe one of your favorite Wyndcroft Upper School teachers and why they are your favorite.

Mrs. Paulus was one of my favorite Upper School teachers. She was my fifth grade advisor, and she made starting in the Upper School exciting.

What will you miss the most about Wyndcroft?

I will miss the friendships that I've made. I have known many these people my entire life and we might all be going to different high schools.