Head of School Search

In the summer of 2020, Gail L. Wolter announced her intention to retire, stepping down as Head of The Wyndcroft School at the end of the 2020-2021 school year, following 20 years of service. After a comprehensive, nationwide search, we are delighted to announce that Dr. Tekakwitha Pernambuco-Wise will assume the role of Head of the Wyndcroft School beginning in July 2021.

The Board of Trustees would like to express their deepest appreciation and gratitude to the members of the Search Committee.  Their diligence and devotion to the task of finding our next Head of School will undoubtedly benefit the entire Wyndcroft community for years to come.  Please stay tuned for opportunities to bid a fond farewell to Mrs. Wolter as well as to welcome Dr. Pernambuco-Wise.

Hear from our current parent Search Committee members:

“We have witnessed something super incredible with this team ... although we all come from different backgrounds and experiences … we all ended up picking the same person as our #1 candidate. It shows how everyone on the team has the right motivation – “To do what’s best for Wyndcroft” and the process worked.”
- Namrata Yocom-Jan: P ‘26

“This was one of the most cohesive, purposeful, and well organized groups of which I have had the pleasure to be a part.  Deliberations were made so much more intelligent and vital because every member of the team had a different opinion regarding what was the most important attribute in a headmaster…Despite our different perspectives, however, everyone worked together in such a collaborative manner that I never felt that my position was inferior or that it was disregarded by any other member of the committee.  Our group really captured what this assignment was all about - to find that person who will lead Wyndcroft to greatness.”
- Maureen Coggins: P’20, ’23, and ’24

“[T]he Board, actively invested in the opinions of others, and humbly acknowledged that you all do not have all the answers yourselves. You keenly understood that every stakeholder is going to have a distinctly different point of view based on their individual affiliation with the school. As a result, the decision-making process can be trusted because it is inclusive, transparent, and holistic in nature. It is my hope that this collaborative decision-making process becomes the norm and part of the expected culture of The Wyndcroft school.”  
- Uldrick Jean: P’20 and ’24

Communications to the Wyndcroft Community

Meet the Search Committee

Oscar Guerrero P ’18
Co-Chair, Head of School Search Committee

Maria Shields P ’18, ’20, ‘24
Co-Chair, Head of School Search Committee

Harry (Rocky) Citrino: Trustee and P’25, ’28, and ’31
Maureen Coggins: P’20,’23, and ’24
Jeffrey E. Gorrin:  Trustee and P’12
Namrata Yocom-Jan:  P’26
Uldrick Jean: P’20 and ’24
Jonathan Lange:  Trustee and P’10, ’12, and ’14
Thomas Lengel:  Trustee and Head of School – Holy Child School at Rosemont
Bernadette M. Sparling:  President – Board of Trustees and P’22 and ’24