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Congratulations to 7th Grade Science Fair Winners!
Congratulations to 7th Grade Science Fair Winners!

Wyndcroft seventh graders completed projects involving several months of hard work on Thursday, January 31 when they presented their Science Fair Projects for 2019 to a panel of judges. The projects involved researching a topic in a depth in one of several categories, designing an experimental protocol to confirm or dismiss a hypothesis, executing the protocol and summarizing the total effort in a well-written research paper. The students then created a traditional "research poster" to summarize and display their results.

Those students whose presentations and boards received special recognition were:

Category: Computer Science
Award: 1st Place – Danny R.

Category: Behavioral Science
Award: 1st Place – Joy B.

Category: Microbiology
Award: 1st Place Tie – Diemmy D. and Joseph S.

Category: Ecology/Chemistry
Awards: 3rd place – Lucas K., 2nd place – Adrian S., 1st place – Jonathan J.

Category: Physical Science
Awards: 3rd place – Henry R., 2nd place – Tito V., 1st place – Faris M.

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