Motivational Speaker
Motivational Speaker

Wyndcroft students in grades 3-8 spent time on Wednesday, October 25 with motivational speaker Kelsey Tanish talking about embracing our differences and taking care of those in our community.

"We all have a little crinkle in our life."

Kelsey Tainsh has been through more in her 27 years than most will endure in a lifetime. Successfully overcoming a brain tumor at only 5 years of age, Kelsey went on to be a happy, healthy kid and a champion athlete. 10 years later, at 15, it all came crashing down when the tumor returned followed by a crippling stroke. Her friends had disappeared, her right side didn't function and she became paralyzed with fear and self-doubt. Despite her significant physical challenges, she worked hard to pull herself up and charged back into life graduating magna cum laude from the University of Florida.

"Life is about being happy and helping others."

Today's presentations took students through Kelsey's extraordinary experiences, using them as examples of how to overcome what they may see as negative differences and turn them into something positive. Through music and dance, humor and stories, students connected with Kelsey and were prompted to think about how they can change their attitude and then change their outcomes in life.

Her message to the students was clear. No matter what life throws at you, there is always a way to be happy and kind.

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