Second Grade Publishers' Party
Second Grade Publishers' Party

Second grade held their first bi-annual Publisher's Party on Thursday, November 29. As writers, the students focused on writing small moments from their lives, using a beginning, middle and end, creating details and adding our thoughts and feelings to our words. Each student published their story and actively participated in the editing process. The finished product was an incredible true story from their own lives that stretched across pages. Students decided on a title for each story, added a front and back cover and created autograph books for their adoring fans to sign.

During the party each student sat with an empty chair next to them. As the parents and staff shuffled in the room, they sat down next to each published author to hear their stories, sign their books and then find another author with an empty chair to start all over again. It was a huge success! Everyone was excited to share their stories and to read all of their compliments in their autograph books.

We'll be looking forward to our second Publisher's Party in May.

Congratulations second grade on a job well done!

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