Return to Campus 2020-2021

Wyndcroft recognizes that the ideal teaching and learning environment is one in which students and teachers are able to interact with each other face-to-face. We also recognize the vital importance of creating a campus environment that addresses the health and safety concerns of our students, faculty, and staff. Our Return to Campus Plan seeks to do both; providing a roadmap for our community to follow in the months ahead.

We are Wyndcroft. We are ready.

Communications to the Wyndcroft Community

Guiding Principles

These four principles helped guide our return to campus planning. These principles speak to our Mission and are also geared with what we have learned from our experience with remote learning this spring and the feedback received from our parents.

School Health and Safety Measures

The health and safety of our community is Wyndcroft’s highest priority. The following is a list of safety measures that we are planning to put in place, regardless of our alert level. Further details about these and other safety measures will be shared in our upcoming communications.

The Important Role of Families

Families play a vital role in maintaining safety on campus. The number one safety measure is to keep a child home if they are sick. We want to work with families to support their child’s adherence to safety measures while they are on campus as well as at home.  

As a community that prioritizes health and safety, we must all do our part to adhere to state health recommendations and regulations to control transmission and potential future outbreaks. Moreover, there may be times when we ask families to comply with broader safety measures and we greatly appreciate your cooperation in this regard.

Additional Resources


The Wyndcroft School is located in Montgomery County, but members of our community come from areas around the region. We have included links to all county health organizations in one place so you can reference them as needed.