Early Education at The Wyndcroft School

Building a solid learning foundation for students in preschool and kindergarten


The Wyndcroft School provides early education in Pottstown, PA, for children residing in 15 school districts. Our three, four, and five-year-old students learn through play, while building a powerful educational foundation.

It is in these critical early years that children:

  • discover that learning is both fun and challenging
  • build confidence and self-esteem 
  • find independence bit by bit

From basic literacy and math readiness to French language and culture, students experience all aspects of their future education in a manner that is age-appropriate and accessible. Guided by teachers who have an impact on their lives far into the future, the youngest learners are nurtured and cared for as they embark on their educational career, building upon their natural sense of curiosity.


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By the time our students have completed Kindergarten, boys and girls at Wyndcroft have:

  • Conducted science experiments
  • Mastered rhythm and melody in music class
  • Explored the geography of the world
  • Performed on stage in a class play - and much more

Our commitment and passion for establishing growth-mindsets within our students is what separates from other schools offering early education near Reading, PA. If you've been searching for the best early education school in Phoenixville, or you've been researching programs for early education in Berks County, PA, look no further than The Wyndcroft School. We provide the foundation children need to excel in kindergarten and beyond, and we do it with their success in mind!