Pre-Kindergarten (4 years old) Program

Learn Why The Wyndcroft School is known as one of the best preschools in Montgomery County, PA.

Our pre-kindergarten is located in a beautiful historic mansion renovated for the early learner: the center provides children the opportunity to begin building a lifelong love of learning.
The program builds the foundation for reading as children learn left-to-right progression, printing, alphabet sounds, rhyming words, and sight words.

Pre-kindergartners explore basic mathematics as they practice recognizing numerals, writing numerals, counting sets of objects, completing patterns, and even adding.

Play is a critical part of our prekindergarten program. Students enjoy cooking, finger painting, and taking part in classroom projects. As enrichment to the program, pre-kindergartners take part in a full complement of special courses. They have music, art, science, computer, library, physical education, drama, and French.

What's Special About Pre-K at Wyndcroft

  • French language classes
  • On-Stage class presentation at Thanksgiving
  • Flexible full-day or half-day scheduling options
Pre K First Day 2018

EC First Day 2018

Our Programs

Our pre-kindergartners enjoy a year of fun activities and school readiness in an enriching, academic environment, which is why our quality programs allow us to be a top contender alongside other preschools near Reading, PA, Collegeville, PA, and Phoenxville, PA.

Language Arts

  • Teacher-led story time continues the development of listening, comprehension, and oral skills
  • Writing develops with the review of capital letters and the introduction of lower-case letters and alphabetical sequence
  • Modified version of Kid Writing teaches phonics in the context of writing
  • Initial sounds and sight words prepare students for reading readiness
  • Learning centers and the use of manipulatives strengthen the understanding of letters and build phonemic awareness
  • Opposites and rhyming words are introduced


  • Number and shape recognition, counting to 100
  • Comparing, simple measuring, simple graphing, and addition
  • Number lines
  • Sort, classify, order, and pattern recognition

Social Studies

  • What it means to be a better citizen
  • Global and local holidays
  • Social and emotional interaction between others


  • A-Z portfolio of year’s topics shows student progress throughout the year

Example: W for wind allows students to discuss concepts associated with air and exploration with pinwheels

  • Supports language arts curriculum for fine motor skills and communication


  • Fine motor skills
  • Cutting
  • Tracing
  • Recognizing shapes and colors
  • Coloring in one direction
  • Creative thinking


  • Cooperation and collaborating while using technology
  • Responsibility while using technology
  • Basic computer technology
  • Input and output devices
  • Curriculum based software
  • Use of iPads for mastery of classroom concepts


Library and Study Skills

  • Library etiquette and checkout procedures
  • Proper care of books
  • Storytelling
  • Introduction of many different authors and kinds of books


  • Development for feeling of steady beat and rhythmical movement
  • Differentiation between fast-slow, loud-soft, strong-weak, short-long, same-different, high-low
  • Melodic contours and tones through echo singing
  • Use of rhythm instruments to accompany songs
  • Students participate in annual Thanksgiving chapel

Creative Movement

  • Development of kinesthetic awareness
  • Development of motor control through introductory yoga
  • Practiciing communication skills through imaginary play
  • Activities centered on agency and collaborative play

Extended Day Program

As with our Early Childhood program, parents have the option of having their children take part in the Extended Day Program. This program, offering extended hours or a full day of activity, is led by the prekindergarten teachers. Enrollment in Extended Day is open daily, and parents can choose to attend on a daily basis, or may choose to attend on a more flexible schedule. This type of flexibility is unique to The Wyndcroft School, and it really separates us from even the best preschools in Berks, County, Pa!