Library & Technology

At Wyndcroft, technology serves as a tool to enhance learning rather than as an end in itself. Therefore, technology is integrated throughout the school. The Early Learning Center has a set of iPads for integrated use in the EC and Pre-K classes. There is a set of iPads housed in each Lower School classroom (K-4) with age appropriate apps for use as both collaborative and enrichment tools. In addition there is a full class set available for students to use in teacher led activities.

The school also has a 1-to-1 Chromebooks program with our Upper School students.  In addition, there is a fully functioning Windows based computer lab. The computer lab still functions as a separate class period allowing for the necessary skills our students will need to be competitive not only at the high school and college levels but also in the work force.

Destiny Quest Catalog

A student-friendly version of our catalog.

Online Resources

Databases and more!

The Wyndcroft Library and Information Center is home to approximately 6000 volumes, for use by all students in Pre-Kindergarten through eighth Grade. All students in Pre-K through 5th grade have library class once a cycle, and Upper School students have one month of Study Skills in the library each year, during their Specials period. Students are welcome to visit the library at any time to check out books.