The Lower School at Wyndcroft

The Elementary Years (Kindergarten through Grade 4)

During the elementary years, Wyndcroft students become problem solvers and critical thinkers in the traditional subjects—Language Arts, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies—and continue their exploration of French, Art, Music, Drama, and Physical Education.

As students grow academically, they are challenged to reach higher levels of intellectual achievement with the support of their teachers. Instruction is a combination of teacher-directed, individual exploration, and collaboration among peers, allowing for multiple modes of learning.

Program Highlights

Chapel Presentations 

Starting in First Grade, Wyndcroft students attend a weekly Chapel presentation. Once a year, each homeroom is tasked with being the presenters in front of their peers, giving them another chance to practice their public speaking. 

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Lab Sciences

Beginning in Kindergarten, Wyndcroft students study in a science lab for hands-on learning experiences. By the time they get to their 7th Grade Science Fair project, they have learned the scientific method and a broad range of topics.

Musical Instrument Instruction

Beginning in 3rd Grade, students have the opportunity to learn to play a musical instrument. Starting with the recorder in their music classes, students are provided many opportunities to explore instrumental instruction.

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Lower School students are growing in independence and responsibility. They experience an exciting educational journey that blends classic learning, including phonics and cursive, with best practices in education and contemporary topics of study.

Learn more about our elementary school programs and see why Wyndcroft's Lower School is the right fit for your child.

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First grade marks an important transition to growing independence and responsibility and the beginning of an exciting educational journey, which culminates in a fourth grade experience that blends classic learning, including phonics and cursive, with current best practices in education and contemporary topics of study.

The type of commitment Wyndcroft gives to our lower school is the reason we've been able to establish ourselves as the prime choice against the wide variety of Reading, Pa, elementary schools and elementary schools in Berks County.