The Lower School at Wyndcroft

The Elementary Years (Kindergarten through Grade 4)

Our Lower School includes our kindergarten through fourth-grade classes. These students are full of energy, thrive on routine (but also become excited by their teachers' spontaneity), love to be creative, and are innately inquisitive. During these years, Wyndcroft students become problem-solvers and critical thinkers in the traditional subjects - Language Arts, Mathematics, and Social Studies - and continue their exploration of French, Art, Technology, Music, Science, Drama, STEM, and Physical Education. Our flexible classrooms and small class settings allow for a hybrid of traditional teaching techniques and individualization that helps each child reach their potential. The focus of these formative years is not solely academic. Our social-emotional teaching closely follows that of Responsive Classroom, whose guiding principles support the School's core values. 

Program Highlights

All-School Gatherings

Starting in first grade, Wyndcroft students attend weekly school gatherings. Once a year, each homeroom leads the school and presents about a given topic. When presenting in front of their peers, it provides students with an opportunity to exercise their public speaking skills and bolster their self-confidence.

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Lab Sciences

Science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) are topics that the school values and the world requires. Starting in Kindergarten, our science classes incorporate hands-on labs and Learning Commons support these essential fields. With an appreciation for math and science, our students are prepared for whatever technological advancements they may encounter.


Starting as early as pre-kindergarten, students experience a cumulative education in regards to music and drama.  Each year, students add another performance skill beginning with small group concerts, adding in choreography, instrumentation and eventually character lines. All in preparation for the larger scale musicals in Upper School.

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Lower School students are growing in independence and responsibility. They experience an exciting educational journey that blends classic learning, including phonics and cursive, with best practices in education and contemporary topics of study.

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