Outdoor Education

Garden Club

During recess once a week in fall and spring, sixth, seventh, and eighth graders volunteer their time to plant, water, week, prune, and more as a part of the Garden Club. In addition to being enjoyed by all members of the Wyndcroft community, the garden is used throughout the academic program from first grade when students release butterflies there to eighth grade as part of a plant unit and landscape design project.

Echo Hill Outdoor School on the Chesapeake Bay

For 3 days each spring, Wyndcroft's sixth and seventh graders journey to the Echo Hill Outdoor School for a three day experience. Sixth grade takes classes in bay studies, survival, sensory exploration of the environment, and adventure I. Seventh grade takes classes that include adventure II, swamp canoe, mystery tour, and garbology.

Camp Conrad Weiser

Camp Conrad Weiser is an exciting nature-based two-day educational experience for fourth and fifth grade students. This overnight trip challenges students in many team-building and hands-on outdoor activities while encouraging sportsmanship and building self-confidence. It is a trip that every student remembers beyond Wyndcroft.

Butterfly Garden

Started through a gift by the Class of 2012, Wyndcroft’s Butterfly Garden is a haven for native plants, insects and students alike. Located on Wilson Street near the Dau House, the garden is often used for science lessons and for inspiration in art and creative writing classes.

Wyndcroft’s Butterfly Garden is maintained through the summer by our Garden Club. Made up of students in grades 6-8, the club meets once or twice a week during the summer to weed, water and support the needs of the plants and insects.

Wyndcroft’s Butterfly Garden provides nectar sources and larvae food sources to:

  • monarch butterflies
  • cabbage whites
  • black swallowtails
  • tiger swallowtails
  • spicebush swallowtails

Larvae food sources include:

  • fennel
  • dill
  • spicebush
  • milkweed

Nectar sources include:

  • black eyed susans
  • coneflowers
  • ironweed
  • Joe Pye weed
  • boneset
  • garden flox
  • New England aster

Vegetable Garden and Dwarf Apple Trees

Eighth grade also plants a fall vegetable garden in the raised beds as part of a plant unit. Sixth grade plants a spring garden in the vegetable beds as part of an energy converters unit. Sixth grade will also taste-test the herbs in the butterfly garden. Seventh grade will hunt for bugs in the garden in the late spring as a wrap to our life science year.