Special Area Subjects at The Wyndcroft School

Special subject areas of study expose our students to new ways of learning and increase their ability to make cross-curricular connections.

The curriculum at The Wyndcroft School is highly integrated, with concepts of reading, writing, math, science, social studies and the arts seamlessly blended together. Special subject areas enrich and balance our strong core subjects.

Technology Integration

Tech Integration includes a curriculum of key elements such as computer literacy, digital citizenship, and touch typing -- all important for lower and middle school students -- but extends into design thinking, programming, engineering, robotics, and cyber security.


Our science program follows a hands-on and lab-based approach. Whether it is planting flowers, filming a weather forecast, or dissecting a fetal pig, our belief in learning by experiencing is clearly evident. Supported by the newest technologies, our science classes teach the steps of the scientific method and give our students a firm foundation for future scientific endeavors.


The goal of The Wyndcroft School’s music curriculum is designed to develop 21st century students with experience in creating, performing, and responding to music in their culture, their community, and the world at large.


Drama classes help a child strengthen communication skills, boost confidence in public speaking, adapt and improvise, overcome shyness, become more assertive, develop social awareness, and make friends.

Physical Education

Our physical education classes aim to improve physical health, agility, and movement, emphasizing sportsmanship, following simple and complex instructions, and working collaboratively with others.

Studio Art

The art curriculum at Wyndcroft is designed to foster a lifelong relationship with art, to ensure self-expression, and to access creativity and develop an awareness of the world around us. The best way to appreciate our art program is to walk our halls, which are always lined with vibrant and engaging student work.


At the Wyndcroft School, we appreciate all genres of literature and encourage our students to develop a lifelong love for reading. Students learn to locate and use various digital and print resources.


Health class allows students an opportunity to acquire knowledge, practice skills, and develop attitudes that build a solid foundation of necessary decision-making skills.