Upper School

Challenging academics in the Upper School at Wyndcroft, in concert with community service, athletics, visual and performing arts, extra curricular activities, and social events, provide excellent preparation for students to enter the secondary school of their choice. Continued emphasis on leadership skills and character development, with guidance from teachers and advisers, is a hallmark of the Upper School experience and the reason Wyndcroft stands out among middle schools in Berks County and the nearby, Pottstown Middle School.

Beginning in fifth grade, students take both French and Latin as core academic courses and focus on study skills, with instruction on organization, interpretation, retention, test taking, studying, and listening. By the time they complete eighth grade, students have demonstrated their maturity and readiness for high school, including reading and debating Romeo and Juliet in both Language Arts and Music, mastering algebraic equations, and reflecting on the causes and consequences of the Civil War. Wyndcroft makes it less of a challenge to find a superior middle school, Pottstown is the home of our private upper school which serves students in fifth grade through eighth grade. The positive reputation we hold in academics and life skills is the reason Pottsown families favor our middle school, Reading, Pa families too!

Upper School Milestones

Participates in school and county Science Fairs

Record lunch orders for Kindergartners

Read morning announcements

Manage and captain athletics teams

Create the school yearbook