Fifth Grade

Two middle school students at The Wyndcroft School

Fifth graders at Wyndcroft have a rich and fulfilling schedule of subjects, specials, and other activities. Students take both French and Latin as core academic courses. In addition to learning geometric figures and steps in the writing process, fifth graders explore ancient Egypt, sign up for chorus, conjugate irregular verbs, compose a short story in Latin, and even dissect a sheep’s eye! The unique experiences we provide our 5th graders make us the best intermediate school Pottstown has to offer!

We call fifth grade the “transition year” at Wyndcroft, as it marks the beginning of students’ entrance to the Upper School (grades 5-8). In many ways fifth graders take full part in traditional Upper School activities. Fifth graders follow schedules, put their binders in lockers, fill out lunch slips in homeroom, and work on homework during study halls, just as students in grades 6 through 8 do. They meet with advisors both in groups and one-on-one. They also receive letter grades for all their academic courses. Yet, as we want the transition to be a smooth one, we have intentionally set aside some Upper School activities for fifth graders. For example, fifth graders do not take part in Team Sports as their physical education class. They also do not take midterms or final exams as part of their coursework. In addition, fifth graders have more study halls in order to help students learn to balance their coursework and their schedules and keep their lockers organized. The high standards we instill in our 5th grade learners allow us to stand out from other intermediate schools in Reading, Pa and across nearby counties!