Eighth Grade

Eighth grade is the culminating year for a Wyndcroft student. The eighth grade curriculum provides numerous opportunities for eighth graders to demonstrate both their maturity and their readiness for continued academic study after graduation. Eighth graders read and debate Romeo and Juliet, both in Language Arts and in Music class. They compute algebraic equations and reflect on the causes and consequences of the Civil War. A specific highlight of the year is a four day trip to Boston to explore the history and cultural aspects of the city and surrounding areas. Eighth graders also have the choice of continuing in both French and Latin, or taking only one foreign language with additional math and language arts support.

Eighth graders at Wyndcroft are considered true school leaders, and they show their leadership throughout the school. They assist at the school store, record lunch orders for the kindergarteners, and read morning announcements. They manage and captain our athletic teams as well as mentor and encourage our younger athletes. One of their most significant achievements is the creation of the school’s yearbook, a 100+ page professionally published hardbound book entitled The Wyndward. Eighth graders are responsible for all aspects of the yearbook, including layouts, articles, graphics, and photographs. Through all of these ways, eighth graders forge connections throughout the entire school and build a sense of community.