And to Wyndcroft, dear old Wyndcroft, we will be forever true!

Welcome Home Wolverines!

The Wyndcroft School, since its founding, has remained dedicated to empowering our students to live and thrive in a global community. Our students graduate with a passion for intellectual exploration and social responsibility.

Our alumni are an integral part of the Wyndcroft community. Many of our alumni return to these hallowed halls, enrolling their children and grandchildren and continuing to engage with Wyndcroft. They arrive home to this remarkable place - the place where they learned to read and write, made life-long friends, became perpetual learners, and discovered how to be a successful leader, and help us to prepare new generations to lead the way.

To our alumni: Whether you spent one year or eleven here at Wyndcroft, you are a valued member of our community. Wyndcroft and alumni volunteers work together to promote Non Sibi, strengthen community connections, and help keep Wyndcroft thriving. We would love to have you reconnect! Visit us on campus, follow us on social media, and come to our alumni events.

A better world - one Wolverine at a time - starts with you.

Give a Cheer for Wyndcroft!

For over 100 years, Wyndcroft has fostered the spirit of Non Sibi and given our students a solid foundation to succeed on each level of their journey. As Alumni, we encourage you to stay connected with former classmates, teachers, friends, and of course, Wyndcroft.

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Alumni Relations Team

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Kenneth Dorris

Phone Numbers:
School: 610-326-0544 ext. 119

Robert Evans

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School: 610-326-0544 ext. 114

Sarah Kruger

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School: 610-326-0544 ext. 158
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Upcoming Alumni Events

Do you remember your first time you took the stage at Wyndcroft or the leadership skills you learned as an 8th grader on your favorite athletic team? How about the camaraderie you experienced at Field Day, the pride you felt after presenting at one of our All-School Gatherings (formerly known as Chapel), or the friends made in the classroom and on the playground? We know we do!

We miss you here at Wyndcroft and welcome you back on campus to attend events. Please contact us if you wish to visit and take a look at our school calendar.

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