My Memories of Wyndcroft: Camille Moffatt Bertram '65

My Memories of Wyndcroft: Camille Moffatt Bertram '65

Camille Moffatt Bertram '65 is the Founder and President of The Bertram Group, which advises students in their selection of junior and secondary schools, colleges, graduate programs, and careers. With her team of experienced educational consultants she also advises students with learning differences as well as those in need of therapeutic placements.  Families seek her guidance from all over the United States and more than a dozen foreign countries. Her website:, offers newsletters and articles with valuable insights for a student's next step in education or career development.

This year, the Enrollment Management Association, the nation's premier professional organization for those who work in independent school admissions and enrollment management, presented Camille with the Everett E. Gourley Award to honor her for her dedication to students and the field of education.

The daughter of Marion Maushart Moffatt and James V. Moffatt, the legendary Associate Headmaster for Advancement at The Hill School, where Wyndcroft was founded in 1918, Camille enjoys the rich heritage of her Wyndcroft and Pottstown years.

Her husband, Henry, is currently Managing Director and Chief Operating Officer of The Bertram Group, and continues to serve as Senior Vice President of Higgins Real Estate. His background includes a career in finance, human resources and general management at J.P. Morgan, Marsh and McLennan, and New Amsterdam Partners. They have four children, Gregor, Camille ("Mia"), Devon and Lindsay, and are expecting their third grandchild this winter.

Cammie writes us, "… my experience at Wyndcroft makes me proud. … My three years at Wyndcroft were definitely the most impactful. I loved our teachers … and I adored our class camaraderie. I can even remember which "lunch kettles" I carried during each of those years. I recall learning how to "roll hoops" when I first arrived at Wyndcroft (that was a challenge but a rewarding one) and learning how to play field hockey on an uneven field! I loved being allowed to chew Juicy Fruit gum on Field Day (that was verboten at home). And Mrs. Dwyer's incredible art projects inspired me to go beyond my comfort zone. I remember the songs we sang at graduation (Alma Jenkins taught us those; "Climb Every Mountain" was one I recall) and taking part in "A Christmas Carol" – trying to remember the role in which I was cast...Tiny Tim?  That was probably Glenn DeTurk.  I was likely Mrs. Cratchit.  Who played ‘Scrooge?’ [From Robert Evans ’65 - It was Dolph Printz ’62 – best Scrooge I ever saw!] “I also remember the alternate Wednesdays when our mothers would volunteer to serve hoagies and/or Sloppy Joe's. That was such a treat. My most vivid memory of all was asking ‘Santa’ for a Wyndcroft sweatshirt the Christmas of our 4th grade year. Truly, it was the only gift I wanted - and how delighted I was to find it under the tree at our traditional midnight celebration. I think I wore it 24/7 from Christmas Day onward!

“Going down Memory Lane is such fun. I'd love to know what's become of Debbie Kressen, Lydia Darocha, and Roberta Hoffman, as well as Dick Peach, Matt Prince, Ricky Ludwick, Glenn, Greg Zimmerman (saw him briefly during freshman year in college) - and any other members of our class …. Also the Maack twins who were a year ahead of us. Best wishes for the Wyndcroft Centennial in 2018!"