Affording Wyndcroft

The Wyndcroft School recognizes that choosing an independent school is a major financial decision for families. Each year our Board of Trustees sets our tuition by evaluating our projected program, operating costs, and anticipated income.

The financial aid process is separate from the Admission process. Financial aid is renewable for each year the student remains enrolled at The Wyndcroft School. Families are required to complete a financial aid application annually (facilitated through School & Student Services by NAIS) so we can review and make whatever adjustments are necessary based on changes in circumstances and tuition.

Financial Aid Process

Financial Aid: Need-Based Tuition Assistance

The purpose of the Financial Aid Program at The Wyndcroft School is to provide tuition assistance to those students who are unable to afford full tuition, but who contribute to the mission of the school by enhancing the academic and cultural experience of all Wyndcroft Students. Wyndcroft believes that its mission of rigorous academics in a nurturing setting is best achieved when there is a cultural and socio-economic diversity in the student body. The School attempts to achieve this goal by providing a limited amount of financial aid funds to a certain number of its students each year.

Please note that the financial aid application for the 2019-2020 school year (for both new and returning families) is due by February 1, 2019. Missing this deadline may jeopardize your child’s chance of receiving financial assistance at The Wyndcroft School.

  1. Demonstrated need as determined by guidelines provided by the school and Student Services for Financial Aid (SSS) – see below
  2. Consideration of specific family situations or emergencies
  3. The availability of funds approved by The Wyndcroft School Board of Trustees

These awards are bases on financial needs. Each family is required to complete the necessary documentation required by the school on a yearly basis.

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2019-2020 Tuition Rates

2019-2020 Tuition Rates

Grade Annual Tuition

Early Childhood (Age 3)
3-day program (T, W, Th), 8:00AM - 12:00PM
3-day program (T, W, Th), Full Day
5-day program, 8:00AM - 12:00PM
5-day program, Full Day


Pre-Kindergarten (Age 4)
5-day program, 8:00AM - 1:00PM
5-day program, Full Day

Kindergarten (Age 5, Full Day) $19,500
Grades 1 – 8 $22,975