Virtual Tour

We are delighted that you are considering The Wyndcroft School for your child’s education.

Our Virtual Tour will give you a peek into the daily life at Wyndcroft. To get started, take a look at our campus from the outside. Then, when you are ready, choose the grade-level of your child to take a peek inside their classrooms.

Please note that this is a self-guided experience, not a live event. For live tours, please contact our Admission Office for our online and in-person options.

Tour Our Campus

Wyndcroft's campus is located in a historic district of Pottstown, PA, on the corner of Wilson Street. and Rosedale Drive. With three buildings and plenty of outdoor spaces for learning and play, Wyndcroft's campus is just the right size for young learners, making them feel comfortable and at home.

To take a closer look at our buildings and outdoor facilities, simply click on the picture you want to explore!

Please note: Some pictures were taken prior to the COVID-19 safety protocols were put into place.

Welcome to Wyndcroft!

Take a Look Inside Our Classrooms

Now Come and See Wyndcroft in Action!

In these challenging times we want you to know that we are - and always will be - here for you as you look towards the future. We are happy to help answer questions, or provide support through your school search process.

-Kate Borgeson, Director of Admission

Please contact Kate Borgeson, Director of Admission
at (610) 326-0544 for a one-on-one conversation about how you can become a part of the Wyndcroft community.