Why Private School? A Parent’s Perspective

By, Deborah Kachmar, Wyndcroft Parent '18


As parents, we all want the very best for our children. We are tasked with making good choices for them. One choice that many parents struggle with is that of choosing between public or private school. While some parents are biased in one way or another, there are several factors to consider when making such an important decision. After thoroughly examining both sides of this debate, we have chosen the private school option for our family. Here are few reasons why; but first let’s address the concern of cost.

Private school can be expensive. While this is true, the benefits of a private education for your child can far outweigh the cost. Students who attend private schools are held to a higher standard, both personally and academically, they are held accountable for their actions, they develop personal character and a love of learning, they have an opportunity to develop relationships with teachers and may even feel safer than they would in public school. Many private schools offer scholarships and have need based financial aid packages. Many even offer variable tuition based on family income. If you are considering a private education for your child, call the school, investigate all the financial aid options available. Remember, this is an investment in your child’s future.

One of the advantages of a private education is that, “It’s cool to be smart”. In a public school if your child is smart they may be bullied or ridiculed but in a private school your child is likely to be challenged and held to a higher academic standard. At Wyndcroft, the graduating students are not only academically prepared to excel at the next level of their academic career; they leave with excellent communication skills and the knowledge of how to be a leader.

In private schools, there is a push or a focus on personal development. Children take pride in their personal character and admit that they love learning. Personal engagement is considered cool. At Wyndcroft, students are taught to be kind, considerate and compassionate. Every grade is required to participate in a community serve project. They are taught to respect another person's point of view and to work collaboratively with others. They are encouraged to advocate for themselves and for others as well.

Private schools tend to have a lower teacher to student ratio giving the students the opportunity to form relationships with their teachers. Small class size allows teachers to gain a better sense of who your child is. Students are given individualized attention, thus enhancing learning and personal development. Every student is important, every student matters. The teacher is invested in your child’s success.

These are just a few reasons why we chose the private school option for our family. Every family needs to do their homework and decide what is best for their child. It is an individualized decision. For us, the advantages of a private education, such as reduced worries about safety, a push for personal development, high academic standards, invested faculty, among other special opportunities that our child may not otherwise have, provides us with a peace of mind that we made the right decision for our family.

Recognized by families as one of the premiere Pennsylvania private, day schools, The Wyndcroft School prides ourselves in providing an exceptional education and learning experience for students in early education through eighth grade! Being one of the top private, day schools Pennsylvania has to offer is not what makes us stand out from other educational institutions. It's our commitment to the success of our students and our dedication to challenging their growth in every social and mental capacity necessary to thrive in whatever path they choose. Our private school, near Collegeville and Reading, PA, is in the prime location to serve students residing in fifteen school districts, with private transportation also being provided.