College Slider 2 BPA

Please note that while this feature will initially be built with a limited set of stock example logos, collecting and curating the content for this slider is the responsibility of the client.

College Bound

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  1. Copy the entire element to the clipboard

  2. Add the element to the page you want it on by pasting it from the clipboard

  3. Update the title and text that appear in the box on the college slider by clicking on the gear icon in the top right.  Update the title in the Title area, the text in the Header Content area (click +Design).

  4. Save your updates

  5. Update any logos by adding/removing logos to the "College Logos" Gallery in the Resources Module 

  6. If you want to use different logos in different places, create a new Gallery in resources.   Then, click the gear icon in the element and select the new Gallery

  7. Save and Publish your updates.

Wyndcroft Team Athletics

The following team sports are available for students in Grades 6-8.