Inclement Weather Policy

We understand that the decision to close or delay school due to inclement weather has a significant impact on families. Our top priority is the students’ safety. After careful consideration of all relevant factors including: road conditions, weather forecasts, building maintenance and discussions with area school districts’ transportation offices, the decision to close or delay school is made by the Head of School. Wyndcroft families travel from 12 area school districts, and if the roads look clear in one area, they may not be in another. The decision to close or delay school is usually made by 6:00 a.m. Early dismissals are complicated and are often dictated by area school districts’ decisions. Please see the information below regarding busing and the phone notification system.

Admin Plus Notify

Keeping you informed is always a priority at Wyndcroft. Admin Plus Notify allows us to send one telephone message, email and text to all parents providing information about school closings or delays due to inclement weather or emergencies.

The Admin Plus Notify system will be used to communicate the cancellation of athletic practice or games.

The successful delivery of information is dependent upon accurate contact information for every student so please make sure we have your most current phone numbers. If this information changes, please let the school office know immediately.

Bus Students

Parents need to know not only what Wyndcroft School’s decision is, but what their School District (SD) is doing. Please note:

  • A Wyndcroft Delayed Opening means no child should come to school before the announced time whether your SD bus is running on time or not. If your SD is running on time, do not put your child on the bus. You will have to drive your child to Wyndcroft for the delayed opening hour (usually 10:00 AM).
  • A School District Delayed Opening means if Wyndcroft opened at the normal time, the bus will deliver your child late to school. They will miss class but they will not be counted as tardy, or, you may drive them in on time.
  • A School District Closing with their transportation not running means you will have to drive your child to school if Wyndcroft is open and you wish them to attend school that day. If you cannot transport your child, Wyndcroft will not count this day as an absence on the student’s attendance record.
  • A School District Early Dismissal means that when the weather deteriorates during the school day, School Districts often send transportation to collect the students between noon and two o’clock. On these occasions we make an effort to reach the parents of all bus riders to be sure you know the bus is collecting your child early. Accordingly we must have contact numbers for you during the day.

Please note: If the weather is really bad, we will want to send everyone home early and will use the Admin Plus Notify system asking all parents to pick up their child as soon as possible. So on any day when the weather is suspect, whether your child rides the bus or you drive, please be on the alert and expect to be called.

With regard to school closures, delays and early dismissals due to inclement weather, all pertinent information will also be posted on our website (, on the school answering machine, and broadcast on the following television stations:

ABC TV – Channel 6

NBC TV – Channel 10

CBS TV – Channel 3

WFMZ TV – Channel 69

KWY 1060 Radio - School Closing #772