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Every parent at Wyndcroft is a member of our Parent Teacher Organization (WPTO)! The WPTO is an important part of daily life for the Wyndcroft community and your involvement really does make a difference!

The Wyndcroft Parent Teacher Organization (WPTO) is a fun, involved group of parents that work together to facilitate many exciting and interesting events at school. The primary goals of the WPTO are:

  • To enrich the educational experience of the students at the Wyndcroft School by providing activities, services and projects for these students.
  • To provide a channel of communication between parents, teachers and administration and to promote a continuing positive relationship between these groups.
  • To foster parental involvement in school functions, programs and projects.

The WPTO has meetings throughout the year where upcoming opportunities for involvement at the school are discussed. Even if you can't attend WPTO meetings, your input and participation is still important. The involvement of parents at Wyndcroft is key to creating a nurturing environment for our students. We are fortunate to have many willing parents who volunteer their time at the school.

2021-2022 WPTO Meeting Schedule

Friday, October 1
Friday, November 12
Friday, December 3
Friday, January 7
Friday, February 4
Friday, March 4
Friday, April 1
Friday, May 6

All meetings are held in the Multi-Purpose Room in the Main Building.

No time is too little. Every minute of parent involvement counts.

10 Reasons to Get Involved at School

  1. Volunteering makes a big difference. Research consistently shows that kids whose parents are involved in their schools do better.
  2. Volunteering offers tangible ways to be a part of things. Sometimes we might mean well, but our busy lives get in the way of committing. Joining a parent group will provide concrete ways to get involved, whether at events, in the classroom , or on a committee.
  3. It feels great to participate!
  4. You'll get to know other parents.
  5. Your help is always needed.
  6. It's a manageable commitment.
  7. It's fun!
  8. You can tailor volunteering to play to your strengths.
  9. Have a great idea?
  10. Volunteering provides another way to get to know school and support staff.