The ABC's of Wyndcroft

Getting to know Wyndcroft is as easy as reciting your ABC's.

As we take you through the ABC’s of Wyndcroft, we will be sharing just a few of the things that make Wyndcroft such a special place to learn and grow.


A is for "Attitude of Gratitude"

Wyndcroft has so much to be thankful for! We can't wait to share some of our favorite things with you as a part of the ABC's of Wyndcroft.

A is also for Admissions! There are a limited number of spaces are available for each school year. If you are interested in becoming a part of the Wyndcroft community, now is the time to complete your application (another “A word”).

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B is for Blazers!

Upper School students (Grades 5-8) love wearing their blazers as a part of the winter dress code.

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C is for Confidence!

Every Monday, Wyndcroft kicks off the week with a community gathering for students in Grades 1-8. These meetings are led by different classrooms or advisory groups each week, giving students the chance to practice their public speaking skills and gain confidence in a safe environment.

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D is for Dogs!

No. Dogs don’t go to school at Wyndcroft, but they certainly do enjoy car line! Whether it is dropping off their students in the morning, or picking them up at the end of the day, Wyndcroft has lots of four-legged friends!!

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E is for Experiments!

Science at Wyndcroft is a hands-on experience. Starting in Preschool, our students are conducting experiments as a part of their learning. Some days are slimier than others!

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F is for French!

Beginning in our 3-year-old Early Childhood class and continuing through 8th grade, every student at Wyndcroft studies the French language. 

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G is for Gymnasium!

Wyndcroft’s gymnasium, lovingly called the “Wolverina,” contains a full-sized hardwood basketball court that is the home to both our Boys’ and Girls’ Basketball teams each winter. This space is also available for rent to our local community. 

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H is for Head of School!

We are very excited for everyone to meet Wyndcroft’s Head of School, Dr. Tekakwitha Pernambuco-Wise.

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I is for Instruments!

Beginning in 3rd Grade, Wyndcroft students are able to begin learning a musical instrument as a part of their studies. As they progress, they are invited to be a part of the Wynd and String ensemble, Wyndcroft’s student orchestra. 

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J is for Journals!

Creative writing is an important part of Language Arts at Wyndcroft. In many classes, this means writing in a daily journal to start the day and begin getting their thoughts down on paper.

K is for Kindergarten!

By the time students have completed Kindergarten at Wyndcroft, they have conducted science experiments, mastered rhythm and melody in music class, explored the geography of the world, and much more! 

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L is for Latin!

Starting in 5th Grade, Wyndcroft’s Upper School students study the Latin language and ancient Roman culture. By the time our students graduate, they have a foundation in foreign languages - and they can tie a toga! #lifeskills

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M is for Music!

Every Wyndcroft student has music class as a part of their Special Area Subject studies.When allowed to work in harmony (no pun intended) with other subjects and areas of study, music helps children grow in self-esteem, build essential skills and prepare for bright futures.

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N is for Non Sibi!

Wyndcroft’s motto is Non Sibi, which is Latin and loosely translates to “Not for oneself but for the good of others.” A Wyndcroft education is infused with the spirit of this motto, both inside the classroom and in the way students embody it in their everyday lives. Not just reserved for community service projects, the spirit of Non Sibi is demonstrated in the way students interact with each other, teachers, their families, and the larger world.

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O is for Outdoors!

Wyndcroft loves the great outdoors! We make the most of our campus everyday, taking classes outside, outdoor recess, and even eating lunch outside. Adding some fresh air and green grass to the school day is always a great idea!

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P is for Preschool!

3 and 4-year-olds learn at Wyndcroft’s Marshall House, the home of our Preschool Program. This beautiful historic mansion has been updated inside to make the space comfortable for our youngest learners.

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Q is for Quiet Time!

Sometimes, you just need a bit of quiet as a part of the day. For our preschool students, they get a bit of a rest each afternoon.

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R is for Recess!

Every Wyndcroft student gets to have recess time during the school day - every day! Whether it is outdoors or indoors, recess time is an important part of their time as they get to have some unstructured fun.

S is for Soccer!

In the fall, Wyndcroft students in grades 6-8 have the opportunity to play soccer and represent their school as a part of the Athletics program.

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In this post we are flashing back to the fall of 2010 and featuring future record-breaking Lehigh Mountain Hawk and professional soccer player Mark Forrest.

Meet more outstanding Wyndcroft Alumni

T is for Teachers!

At Wyndcroft, faculty members build authentic relationships with students. And, with small class sizes, students can’t get lost or hide, and teachers can give everyone the individual attention they need.

Wyndcroft’s teachers can make a difference in your child’s education

U is for Upper School!

As the oldest students on campus, our Upper School students (Grades 5-8) receive the preparation, attention, and leadership opportunities they need to excel in secondary school and beyond!

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V is for Voices!

Wyndcroft students are encouraged to find their own voices as they grow and mature. Whether they are singing in the chorus, speaking at Chapel, or doing creative writing, our students are not only learning important skills, but learning who they are so when they go on to secondary school, they are confident leaders and learners.

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W is for Wolverines!

The Wyndcroft mascot’s name is Wollie and he is a Wolverine. Wollie’s favorite day of the year is Field Day when he gets to come out and have fun with the students.

X is for Xylophone!

You would be surprised how few words there are that start with the letter X. So thank goodness for the xylophones and Orff instruments that are used in Wyndcroft’s music curriculum!

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Y is for Yearbook!

Each year, the 8th Grade produces the school yearbook. They write the copy, take the pictures and layout all the pages. This labor of love has been  a tradition at Wyndcroft for many years, giving students real-world publishing experience in middle school.

Z is for Zany!

OK. Z is a hard letter to come up with a word but we think “Zany” fits Wyndcroft pretty well. The school days are filled with so much fun and creative ways of learning that you just never know what’s going to happen next (or what our “zany” Kindergarteners are going to do when you show up at their lunch time with a camera)!

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