Advisory Program Mission Statement

The Wyndcroft School’s Advisory Program is designed to offer support to each Upper School student. A teacher will act as the student’s advocate while monitoring the student’s academic and social progress. The advisor will spend individual time with each student in his or her advisory group on a regular basis. The advisor will act as the primary contact between home and school. The Advisory Program will provide a supportive and nurturing environment by addressing adolescent concerns, thereby helping students to maintain balance with the rigorous academic curriculum.

As a student advocate, the advisor fills four specific roles.

  1. Academic overseer
  2. Resource for students to resolve issues with peers and teachers
  3. Group discussion facilitator
  4. Liaison between home, school, administration

Activities that are done in eighth grade (as examples) include goal setting for new marking periods, self-reflections on academic progress, brain-teasers, group challenge activities such as Wright Family and Spot check, thank you notes for the bazaar contributions, graduation speech writing, auction project. Eighth grade advisors also oversee a host of privileges: soda day, announcements, bazaar helpers, "lunchin’ the munchkins."