An essential component of Wyndcroft’s Upper School is the advisory program.

As educators, we are concerned with the totality of a student's experience--intellectual, ethical, social, physical, and emotional development. Advisors and teachers promote student development of competence in the arts, sports, interpersonal relationships, and academic course work so students may develop self-confidence and can fulfill their potential.

The Advisory Program focuses on developmentally appropriate topics for each Upper School grade level.

5th Grade

5th Graders focus on the transition to middle school and all the organization and time management that comes with it: having a locker, changing classes, having one teacher for each subject.

6th Grade

6th Grade students continue to learn organizational skills, social interaction and problem solving skills as they navigate the school year, now with the addition of sports to their schedules.

7th Grade

In 7th Grade, advisory periods are a time to “check in” with students. This is a big year filled with midterms for the first time, science fair projects, and looking ahead to the secondary school process.

8th Grade

8th Graders receive support with the secondary school application process and continue to work towards independence through numerous leadership opportunities.