Students are encouraged to observe, explore, create, and perform as they learn the language of music. 

Wyndcroft strives to offer experiences that encourage students to be engaged with their school environment, develop a positive attitude, and make healthy choices. Music is one program that addresses multiple learning styles, meets individual needs, and engages students in meaningful activities.

Music Class - A designated Music class is included in the curriculum for all students at Wyndcroft from Early Childhood through 8th Grade.

Instrumental Music - Beginning in 3rd Grade, students are given the opportunity to study a variety of instruments through both individual and group instruction. After one year of lessons, students are invited to participate in our Junior Ensemble and then after two years, the Wynd and String Ensemble.

Vocal Music - Beginning in 5th Grade, the vocal music program expands to include Upper School Chorus. Those who wish to pursue more challenging vocals can participate in Select Chorus, our small group vocal ensemble.

Importance of Music at Wyndcroft

Stimulates Brain Development Students with early musical training will develop the areas of the brain related to language and reasoning.
Connects to Other People Whether you are singing in chorus or playing an instrument in an ensemble, creating music with a group requires teamwork and cooperation.
Integrates Different Subjects Music gives students the change to work on their math skills, reading and writing skills, science and history knowledge all in one area of study.
Teaches Discipline Vocal and instrumental music proficiency requires commitment to rising to the challenge of learning new skills and making the time to learn them.