Visual Arts

Art Classroom

The Wyndcroft School art program is designed to develop each student's understanding of and interaction with the world of artistic expression and creation. 

With the essential elements of art as the foundational framework, the program helps students build connections through their personal artistic expression to curriculum in their classroom and to school-wide interdisciplinary themes.

From our Pre-School classrooms through Grade Eight, Wyndcroft's students are challenged to explore their creativity in the visual arts during regularly scheduled art class, after-school art lessons and clubs. Using a variety of mediums, our art curriculum grants students the ability to:

  • Practice the elements of art and principles of design, and use them to better express themselves creatively
  • Learn about a diverse mix of artists and art movements
  • Make cross-curricular connections through art-making
  • Find personal fulfillment through art by expressing who they are - their interests, experiences, ideas, dreams, and more

Students develop a thorough understanding of artistic techniques and media at Wyndcroft School, beginning with exploratory investigation in the younger grades and progressing into confident familiarity and strong competency at the higher levels. As students develop their own artistic voice through drawing, collage, painting, and sculpture, they make meaningful connections between their inner world and the world around them.