Wyndcroft believes that preparation for a life of healthy, physical activity is an inherent part of a good education.

All children need to be active and fit and our physical education and sports program is designed to challenge each child to reach his or her personal best.

Through a combination of basic skill development, exposure to a wide variety of athletic activities, and participation in both non-competitive and competitive games, Wyndcroft students are afforded the opportunity to develop their physical strength and skill to the best of their individual ability. Whether mastering the art of skipping in kindergarten or cradling a lacrosse ball in seventh grade, all students have an opportunity to become confident in their own physical ability and comfortable as part of the team. By the time students leave Wyndcroft, they find they have learned the skills and attitudes that will allow them to participate in high school and beyond in the sports of their choice.

At Wyndcroft, however, equally important as the activity or sport itself, is the spirit of teamwork, commitment, and sportsmanship. Winning with grace and losing with courage are deemed essential qualities for a happy life.

In grades six through eight, students have a choice of an athletic activity or team sport across the three seasons of the school year. In team sports we compete with several local independent schools in a league, and we also play friendly games with schools that are not in the league. Our team sports adhere to a "no cut" policy to give all students who want it the chance to try and learn a new sport as well as participate in team competitions. Over 90% of our Upper School student body participate in the team sports program.

Field Day 2024

This year, Wyndcroft celebrated its 101st Field Day! Held on The Hill School Far Fields, students in grades one through eight go head-to-head in this spirited competition.

Wyndcroft Team Athletics

The following team sports are available for students in Grades 6-8.

Our full athletics calendar is available on our Parent Portal.