Health and Wellness

According to its Mission Statement, The Wyndcroft School is devoted to developing the whole child in a safe, nurturing environment. The health, wellness and safety of our students is as high a priority as developing them academically.

Full-Time School Nurse

The Wyndcroft School has a nurse as a full-time member of the staff. All students are able to take advantage of her services when needed. Besides being available during the school day, our nurse is also available at sporting events.

Health Curriculum (Grades 1-8)

Students in grades 1-8 take Health Classes as a part of their academic curriculum. Examples of learning topics include:

  • 3rd Grade learns basic first aid and leaves at the end of the year with a complete first aid kit. Many students are able to put their learning to use over the summer months caring for their family and friends and putting their first aid kits to good use.
  • In 4th Grade, students take part in D.A.R.E. through the Pennsylvania State Troopers.
  • 6th Grade students learn about nutrition around the world through hands on food preparation.

Health and Wellness Committee

Made up of members from around the Wyndcroft Community, this committee looks specifically at what measures the school can take to build health and wellness into the everyday life at Wyndcroft. The committee looks at more than healthy lunches and menus, also looking at ways to enrich the whole child during their time at Wyndcroft.

Safety Committee

The Safety Committee, made up of teachers and staff members, takes a close look at the school environment and ensures that best practices for student care are always taken.