Random Acts of Kindness

In the spirit of our motto Non Sibi, Wyndcroft celebrates those little acts of kindness that make our community such a special place.

Non Sibi, from Latin, loosely translates to "not for one self." The Wyndcroft community puts this motto into practice through community service projects which help many people throughout our region. We also put Non Sibi into action through random acts of kindness that may only make a difference to one or two people at a time.

During our weekly school gatherings, the names and good deeds of our community members are read. Each act of kindness, no matter how small, is special. We are proud of our kind and caring community.

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Take a look at some of our recent Random Acts of Kindness

  • Andrew C. for letting Anna use the art center.
  • Ms. Palmer, Mr. Ballantine, and Mrs. Fickert for their help with 4G's Gathering presentation.
  • Jax L. for the great idea to decorate the podium for the Gathering.
  • Will F. for letting a classmate borrow a text book for an assignment.
  • Mia M. for bringing in kindness notes for the whole class.
  • Shriya M. for helping Lily with her books every morning and all around the school.
  • Tucker D. for picking up the cross country cones after the meet.
  • Avery N. for gifting a globe and a pumpkin to the 4C classroom.
  • Shannon G. for bringing Dunkin Donuts for all the faculty and staff.
  • Thank you to all the Wyndcroft teachers and staff who participated in the third grade video.
  • Valentino V. for helping to unlock a bathroom stall.
  • Thank you to Macy W., Opal S., Julia K., Claire B., and Mrs. Conrad for shelving the whole cart of library books.
  • Giovanni C. for helping a student in class.
  • Hannah B. for helping return Mr. Ballantine's bench on picture day.
  • Noah Pine for helping out with the recess bag when the balls fell out.
  • Will O., Libby D., and Tucker D. for picking up the cones after the Cross Country meet.
  • Maddie D. for seeing that a classmate needed help carrying her classroom materials and volunteering to assist her.
  • Mia M. for helping to clean up her classroom.
  • Taylor B. for helping a friend pick up their things.
  • Mr. Ballantine for cheerfully helping to set up a microphone for a meeting at the end of the day, even though it might have made him late for another commitment. 
  • Melina G. for proofreading for Mr. Ballantine
  • Grayson D. for helping a friend work through logging into their Chromebook
  • Ella T. for helping a student pick up their toolbox items in French class
  • William L. for saving the girls’ soccer team from having to practice without any soccer balls.
  • Reese B. for giving up her seat to a friend in music.
  • Carina P. for bringing a student in 4G his water bottle that he had forgotten in the gym
  • Mrs. Musser for stopping and offering Mrs. Holladay a ride to school
  • Mrs. DeWald for surprising Dr. Pernambuco-Wise with a cappuccino and perking up her Monday morning
  • Ava R. for holding the door for her class and Mrs. Arkans
  • And Jackson D. for donating three fantastic hardback books to the Wyndcroft library
  • Thank you to all the teachers that answered the survey for the 2nd Grade program.
  • Marley M. for picked up someone else's plasticware after lunch and threw it away.
  • J.T. helped Declan tie his shoes in French class.
  • Matthew B. swept the floor at the end of the day.
  • Bode F. helped a friend who was concerned about going to After School Care for the first time.
  • Gemma S. and Grayson D. helped to deliver ice cream to the students eating lunch outside.
  • Sophie S. gave up her swing to a friend
  • Domenic F. cleaned up someone else's recess bin so they could get to their bus on time. He knew his friend felt nervous about getting there and offered immediately to help!
  • Brady H. retrieved the soccer med kit that had been left on the bus.
  • Dylan S. gave a classmate a piece of tape to hang their schedule in their locker.
  • Jackson D. and Grayson D. opened the door for the teachers in the morning.
  • Jackson and Grayson for helping Miss Suzie bring bags from her car.
  • Will L. for helping Miss Murazzi pick up her cards at the end of an advisory game.
  • Emerson, Alex & Campbell for helping a student in the hallway after dropping his supplies.
  • Thank you to Emily S. for her generous donation of 33 books to the Wyndcroft library.
  • Jackson N. for helping Mariliese with her zipper on her vest before going outside.
  • To Mrs. Dunn for sharing her lunch when a teacher forgot to pack or order.
  • Zachary B. who won two baskets at the Batwing Ball and gave one to a friend.
  • Tipper B. for getting Mrs. G her iPad from the classroom!
  • Chace R., Jax L. and Bryce B. for taking care of classmates' materials in the library.
  • Charlie J. for heling Mrs. LaGuardia pick up all the papers that fell!
  • Thomas M. for helping a friend with the ball bag at recess and carrying it.
  • Thank you to the whole 8th Grade for helping Kindergarten navigate the wish lists at the Book Fair.
  • Noah P. for going back to grab the ball bag for his class at recess.
  • Paisley S. for helping a friend read a book!


Kindness is a gift everyone can afford to give.


Do you have a Random Act of Kindness to share with Wyndcroft?

Tell us about it here and you might hear your announcement during one of our Weekly School Gatherings or see it on Social Media!


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How do we change the world? One random act of kindness at a time.

-Morgan Freeman