Since 1918 The Wyndcroft School has provided a superior education to generations of students. From its beginnings as a pioneering "outdoor" school, to its present position as one of the premier independent pre-preparatory schools of the area, the School has offered local families an opportunity to educate their children in an environment where academic learning and character education reflect their family philosophies.

For the past 100 years, The Wyndcroft School has remained steadfast in its mission to provide its students with rigorous academics in a nurturing environment while instilling in them the values reflected in our motto Non Sibi.

How Will Endowment Secure the Future of The Wyndcroft School?


When students, parents, and alumni talk of Wyndcroft, they almost all talk of the faculty. Everyone has a story to tell and they are all unique, but they all have an underlying theme, “This teacher made a difference in my life.” Wyndcroft has survived and thrived because generations of caring, dedicated teachers have made it their life’s work. A secure endowment will enable the school to express in a tangible way the respect and appreciation of alumni, students and parents and will allow the Board to retain and attract excellent faculty with competitive salaries and benefits. It will recognize the faculty as the core of Wyndcroft’s academic excellence, and provide ongoing support for their professional development.

Scholarships and Affordability

Wyndcroft seeks to educate the future leaders of the country. Many gifted and able students are simply not able to afford a Wyndcroft education and Wyndcroft strives to help them financially. These students enrich the classroom with their intellect and bring their gifts to share and inspire their classmates. As costs rise, the need for financial aid for such students will continue to grow. We prepare our students for a global, diverse world. We would like to attract the strongest and finest students regardless of background or income. New funds will generate income in perpetuity and will allow Wyndcroft to continue offer the gift of possibility to students whose talents could benefit the school and the community.


Wyndcroft is a unique environment -- historic and new buildings housing the most forward-looking of ventures, elementary education. Society and education have changed since our students of 1918 snuggled into their blanket bundles on cold days. A state of the art gymnasium, performing arts center, internet connections, gleaming kitchens and air-conditioned classrooms characterize our campus now. Creating and recreating the learning environment is a huge structural challenge and demands ongoing expenditure, careful planning, and costly investment in bricks and mortar. A growing endowment will provide income that ensures that Wyndcroft can maintain its physical plant to the highest standards.