Other Ways to Give


The Endowment is a charitable fund that offers stability to Wyndcroft. It is critical to the financial health of our school as we work to offer a high quality education to our students. Learn more about Wyndcroft's Endowment.

Kate Wunner Professional Development Fund

The Kate Wunner Professional Development Fund (KWPDF) supports faculty educational opportunities beyond the classroom including but not limited to educational enrichment programs, conference attendance, and technology training. This fund is named in honor of Wyndcroft's past Head of School, Dr. Kate Wunner.

Capital Gifts

Capital gifts mean so much to a small school such as Wyndcroft. These gifts have been used for many of the large scale improvements to the School. Wyndcroft has been honored to receive a capital gift from Mr. John Dau, and his children Barbara Dau '70 and Ann Dau Conway '73, for the purchase of the adjacent property, Dau Cottage. Wyndcroft has also been able to install a state-of-the-art security system and SMARTBoard technology due to generous capital gifts.

Appreciated Stock

For transfer details, please contact the Development Office, located in Marshall House, at (610) 326-0544 ext. 114. By transferring appreciated stock to The Wyndcroft School, you can give generously and have the advantage of deducting the full market value of the stock without incurring tax liability on the gain in value. Securities that are worth less than when you purchased can be sold, the proceeds donated and a capital loss then claimed on your income. Please consult your tax advisor.

Planned Giving

Planned gifts are gift arrangements that have specific tax advantages and often include lifetime income to a beneficiary or beneficiaries named by the donor. A planned gift maximizes your giving potential and can even allow you to ensure your future financial security or that of a loved one. If you are interested in supporting Wyndcroft with a capital gift or through a bequest or other planned gift, please contact Robert W. Evans ’65, Director of Alumni Affairs and Planned Giving at (610) 326-0544 ext. 114 or learn more here.

Shop and Support

Various retailers offer the ability to support Wyndcroft when you shop with them. Click here for a list of current opportunities.

Pathway to the Future

Wyndcroft's Pathway to the Future is a fantastic way to honor a member of the Wyndcroft community and support the school. Located outside of the main office, the Pathway to the Future includes engraved bricks generously donated by friends of Wyndcroft. Bricks are available to order at various times throughout the year. Contact the Development Office at (610) 326-0544 for more information on pricing and ordering.